Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees by 40% or More.

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Save up to 40% on your credit card processing fees with flat-rate pricing.

What We Do

We provide payment processing and merchant services the way they should be offered – simple and easy to understand. By using a flat-rate, subscription-pricing model, we are able to strip out all the junk fees and pass on the savings to you. Most business owners get an extra $500 or more back in their pockets each month after switching to Optimist Payments.

How We Do It

There are several layers of services and fees involved in processing a single credit card payment. At the very bottom are the base rates offered by the acquiring bank and card issuers. Most payment processors mark up their services on top of these base rates, collect PCI fees, IRS fees, and any number of other intermediary fees that they split with the underlying processors.

We’re different. We go straight to the source and get wholesale rates on our payment processing services. We then offer those rates straight to you without any junk fees added. By changing the business model, we are able to cut out the markups and pass the savings on to you.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Whether you process $100 or $1,000,000, you get charged the same predictable rates. Your success is our success and we don’t make money on your volume.

No Hidden Markups

Tired of trying to decipher the hieroglyphics that are modern processor statements? Ditch the PCI compliance fees, IRS fees, statement fees, and more.

No Long Term Contracts

We would rather earn your business each and every month, so we don’t lock you into long term contracts. If our customer service doesn’t work for you, you’re free to leave.

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Pricing so simple a kid could understand it.

For a simple monthly membership, you get access directly to the interchange pricing. This is the pricing that is set by the card issuers themselves. Most payment processors charge what is known as “Interchange Plus”, a model where they take a variable percentage on top of the interchange pricing. With our model you always know exactly what you are paying.

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